Stretchy Stacker Bracelet

Product image 1Stretchy Stacker Bracelet | Turquoise Blue Design Co.
Product image 2Stretchy Stacker Bracelet | Turquoise Blue Design Co.
Product image 3Stretchy Stacker Bracelet | Turquoise Blue Design Co.
Product image 4Stretchy Stacker Bracelet
Product image 5Stretchy Stacker Bracelet
Product image 6Stretchy Stacker Bracelet
Product image 7Stretchy Stacker Bracelet
Product image 8Stretchy Stacker Bracelet
Product image 9Stretchy Stacker Bracelet
Product image 10Stretchy Stacker Bracelet
Product image 11Stretchy Stacker Bracelet

Regular price $45

One stackable stretch cord bracelet that is strung on an extra-thick cord. All you need to do is choose your stone combination! These will be made to fit a 6-7inch wrist, if you would like a different size please send me a message!

Stone Combination Options: 

  • Option #1: Amazonite
  • Option #2: Labradorite Chips
  • Option #3: Amazonite Nuggets
  • Option #4: Amazonite with Abalone
  • Option #5: Amazonite with Silver Bar
  • Option #6: Labradorite and Chalcedony Nugget
  • Option #7: Ocean Jasper with Turquoise Disks
  • Option #8: Ocean Jasper with Silver Beads

Stone Meanings:

  • Amazonite:
    • Associated with luck, money, and overall success
    • Helps boost self-confidence and self-validation
    • Has a gentle healing quality
  • Labradorite:
    • Enhances the mental and intuitive abilities of oneself
  • Ocean Jasper:
    • Alleviates stress and induces tranquility
  • Cherry Quartz:
    • Its glass-inspired properties help you to self-reflect in an honest, pure way
    • Helps heal grief and sadness. It carries no negative emotions, making it a great partner when healing, peace, and positivity are needed
  • Lemon Quartz:
    • Enhances insight
    • Symbol of happiness
  • Pearl:
    • Has a soothing influence
    • Can reduce over-sensitivity and promote peacefulness
    • Helps to lift one's spirits
    • Brings out purity, honesty & integrity, plus feelings of beauty, dignity, and calm.



All Megen Gabrielle Jewelry and accessories are handmade and not manufactured, so every piece has its own uniqueness. 

Good things to know about Megen Gabrielle Jewelry Studios design choices:

Why Sterling Silver and never plated?

  • Sterling silver is timeless and wears beautifully, meaning your Megen Gabrielle Jewelry will last.
  • Although .925 sterling silver will tarnish slightly over time, if it gets dirty, a little cleaning with a jewelry cloth will bring it back to its original shine!

What is 14k Gold Fill & Rose Gold Fill?

  • Gold-filled components contain more than 100x more real gold than gold-plated components. They are also extremely durable and tarnish-resistant. Gold-filled jewelry is a beautiful, affordable alternative to solid gold, and can also be worn by people with sensitive skin.
  • 14/20 Gold-filled and rose gold filled jewelry reacts over time just like 14k gold - it will never turn silver, and if it gets dirty, a little cleaning will bring it back to its original shine!


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